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Marsat-South is fully dedicated to providing the shipping industry with the most comprehensive and reliable global maritime communication solutions available today
Our Marsat-Mail System makes it possible to send and receive Internet email, telex and fax messages at sea via any voice Inmarsat terminal (Inmarsat-A, B, M or mini-M).
Each vessel is assigned a unique Internet email address, telex address and fax. Persons wishing to contact the vessel simply email to vessel's email address. Vessel's staff can send email to any Internet address in the world as well.
Our operator staff maintains a 24-hour watch on selected marine HF radio frequencies.
Our low monthly fee ($50.00 per ship) and fixed charge for messages ($0.50 per email) makes this service extremely affordable!
Messages may be delivered by email, telex, voice or fax.
When compared to the high cost of message delivery through Inmarsat-C terminals, Marsat-Mail attractive fixed monthly pricing is an excellent means of controlling your communications budget while at the same time maintaining daily contact with your vessels on the high seas! This is an excellent way to get daily position/status reports from your vessels enabling you to keep more effective controls on fuel cost, arrival and delivery times and ship re-routing.
Our management team provides high levels of total cost control, flexibility and complete efficiency of all your communications. We add value to our service and will continue to do so to meet the growing needs of our marine, landbased and offshore users.